• Why children love...

  • ... Stumilowy Las kindergarten?

    • because 98% of parents and children are happy (data collected based on surveys)
    • because we guarantee reliable care and great fun
    • because we focus on children’s development …
  • ... the Nursery Stumilowy Las?

    • educational classes for children using pedagogy through play, dance, singing and elements of the „Veronica Sherborne Developing Movement” method
    • classes with children are run by an experienced animator and nursery guardian
    • children who will be between 2.5 and 3 years old can continue their toddler education in the „Stumilowy Las”Private Kindergarten. This solution provides parents with peace and safe for the next years of childhood.
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    • As a mother of Marcel, who has been visiting „Stumilowy Las” for almost a year, I can certainly recommend the Kindergarten as a place where children feel loved. All Aunts care for children equally, putting a lot of commitment and love into their work.

      Asia, mommy of Marcel
    • Children feel like they are in a second home. Super girls work in Stumilowy Las.

    • I am Alicja’s mother, I can recommend the Nursery 100%. Aunts are amazing, warm, caring and wonderful. Alice is developing very well and she has a good time there 🙂

      Sylwia, mommy of Alicja
    • The atmosphere in this kindergarten is very friendly and gives a sense of security not only to children, but also to parents who, as I hope, give the review with the most stars possible.

      Joanna, mommy of Marcel
    • I am the dad of 4-year-old Lena, who attends the Stumilowy Las kindergarten. Both me and my daughter are very happy with the family atmosphere, interesting activities and delightful ladies …

      Michał, Lena's dad
    • My child with a smile on his face greets and says goodbye to every day spent in Kindergarten, and this is for me the biggest confirmation that I chose the right Kindergarten :). Thank you and I recommend to every parent who hesitates about choosing the best place for their child’s development.

      Asia, mommy of Marcel
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