• Safe placefor the development of your child.

    Nursery „Stumilowy Las” is a private educational institution for children from the age of 1 – 2,5 years. In our facility, we provide educational classes for babies, which distinguishes us from other such facilities that are focused solely on care.

  • The domain of the „Stumilowy Las” Nursery are educational classes using pedagogy of fun, dance, singing and elements of the „Veronica Sherborne Developing Movement” method. Classes with children are run by an experienced animator and nursery guardian. Children who will be 2.5 – 3 years old can continue their toddler education in the „Stumilowy Las” Private Kindergarten, which is located at the same address. This solution gives parents peace of mind for their childhood’s greatest treasures for many years.

  • Price list

    amount of monthly fees

    300 zł

    The entry fee is collected for stationery and hygiene items

  • 1200 zł / month

    Full day stay – without co-financing

  • Additional discounts...

    For children continuing their stay in the kindergarten or for siblings.

  • Żłobek Stumilowy Las – nr konta: 82 1140 2004 0000 3702 7775 0381

  • Registration is already in progress!

  • Parents' opinions

    about our nurcery
    • Intimate kindergarten, lovely ladies and atmosphere. The children are well looked after and each is treated individually. Ladies know the needs of every child in kindergarten. Lots of activities, trips and variety. Excellent contact with parents. I highly recommend

      Mommy of 5-year-old Laura
    • Kindergarten definitely recommendable. Very nice equipped rooms, always clean and tidy rooms. Children often have organized excursions or trips. Many attractions „come” to kindergarten (visits of animals, interesting people). Smiling teachers, who have an individual approach to each wild, are undoubtedly a huge advantage of the Stumilowy Las. Let the best recommendation be that for our children a day without kindergarten is a lost day.

      Mother of 3-year-old Aniela and Stefan
    • Kindergarten really recommendable !!! My child is very happy there, loves aunts and the atmosphere there 🙂

    • Children feel like they are in a second home. Super girls work in Stumilowy Las.